Oct 24, 2011


Look at me! I'm keeping up with our lives. HAHA

Well, Whitney's Aunt and Cousin came to visit for the weekend from Arizona. So to keep them entertained we went on this train ride up in Ione, WA. We were very excited to do this. So many people had told us how amazing it was to see the fall foliage and enjoy a beautiful train ride. We came to the conclusion that it was not as impressive as everyone had claimed it to be. However, we still had fun and enjoyed spending time with each other.

We also took them over to Couer D'Alene, ID. Both of them loved it over there and had a lot of fun in the downtown shops. Rebeka (Whitney's Cousin) loves jewelry and found some really cute stuff. Her favorite place though was Finders Keepers in downtown Spokane.

Here is our amazing train! ALL A'BOARD!!

This was the cutest little town that the train ride went to.


I just loved this tree and had to take a picture of it.

Shaelynn & Rebekah at the rose garden in manito park.

Rebekah was forced to take pictures next to every thing we found! :)



Thanks for coming to visit us! We had fun with you!

Oct 6, 2011

Its only been a year or maybe two!

So I realized today that it has been a LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG time since either of us have posted something new. We have both just been so busy. Honestly we kinda forgot that we even had this blog until recently. Whitney has been refinishing furniture on the side for friends and family and now it has turned into such a great business. she has been working very hard putting a blog together and figuring out all the details of her business. ( which will probably never get figured out. Things will always be changing.) She is also currently taking online classes for her business degree through BYU-I. She has also been upgrade from the primary presidency to the young women presidency. This calling requires a lot more of her than primary did. However, she is learning how to prioritize and adjust her life and things seem to be working great!
Tyson has also had a change in callings. He is no longer the Sunday school president, but is now the assistant to the elders quorum secretary and an elders quorum teacher. What a trade off! He went from doing nothing to doing a little more. ;) haha The real changes in Tyson's life have been at work. He is, should we say, movin' on up! Yeah! He is excited to finally be working more in the office at Zerorez and spending less time out on the truck. Tyson has also started a new workout regiment call Cross Fit. This is a very intense workout and he comes home from it puking and looking like he is going to die at any moment. But he keeps going back! He claims that he LOVES it. ( I tried it once, Need I say more! haha)
Well that about brings you current on the Chapman family. We will try to be better about posting to keep everyone informed on are ever so important lives! :) haha Have a great day! and maybe a great Thanksgiving and Christmas! We might not post anything til then! ha Lets hope that's not true.


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Dec 19, 2010

Christmas at The Davenport

So every year the Davenport hotel, in downtown Spokane, has a christmas tree auction. Companies decorate trees with all kinds of gifts. One tree had and ipad and a hot air ballon ride among many other things. This was our first year going to this event, and let me tell you it was so much fun! first you buy a raffle ticket, or two, or three, or four! As many as you want. then you write your name on it and decided what tree you would like to win! I think there was 14 trees this year. Each tree has a big glass box by it and thats where you put your ticket. The hotel lets people put tickets in the boxes for a few weeks. And then a week or so before christmas they draw the winner for each tree! its really neat because not only do you when the prizes, but you also win the christmas tree, decorations and all! Sadly to say we did not win anything this year. below are some pics of the fun time we had!

This is our friends the McIntires!

Dec 9, 2010

Family Pictures

So I have been wanting to take some new family photos for about 2 years now! can you tell I'm a procrastinator!! :)haha WELL, not anymore! Here are just a few pictures that we took this year! I can finally update some photos of us! Yeah!!!! I have even made christmas cards this year! so hopefully you will be getting one in the mail! and if not well i don't have your address so get it to me and ill send you one next year! I am gonna try really hard to take a new family picture every year! so wish me luck! lets hope i don't procrastinate next year! :) and who knows there might even be an addition to our family next year! and in case i don't get on and update our blog before the new year! then MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! we love you all!

Dec 7, 2010


Wow! I cant believe I have let so much time go by with out sharing everything that has been happening in our lives! so let me get you up to speed. First thing that happened tyson and his friends ( Baden Fox and Kyle Shannon) our now in a band! us wives joke that it is the old man dad band! haha they had a show up at the Fox's house about 2 months ago. It was a lot of fun! Here is some pictures of the night!

We also had lots of family in town for thanksgiving!! Thanks to every one that came to visit. We really enjoyed having you here. We loved playing wacky six with all of you! AND Chesley, I don't know what we would have done all week if you were not there to serenade us with your wonderful music.

But the MOST important and exciting thing that has happened is.......... Drum roll please!!! :)
Tyson and I were Sealed in the Spokane Temple on Nov. 26th 2010!!! I was also sealed to my family! It was a very eventful day! we are so blessed to have this happen in our life. We are so grateful for the temple and for all that we have been given.
Well that is everything major that has been going on. I will try my best to update more often.

Jul 21, 2010


Last Saturday (7/17/10) Tyson surprised me with a fun date! He borrowed some kayaks from some of our friends! I was so excited! As we were on our way to the river our other friends Sarah and Dan called to see what we were up too...... they decided to join us!! We all had a blast going down the Spokane River! It took us about 2 hours and I loved it! Here are some pictures from the trip! ENJOY! Sarah and Tyson getting ready to launch into the water

And We're OFF!!

Sarah striking a pose!

this one was a much better pose to show how excited we were!

Dan, Sarah, and Tyson

Dan Playing in the water!

Tyson's turn to pose!

And then ME!

Awh! so cute! what a fun day!

Sarah, Tyson, and Whitney

Tyson flipped over going threw rapids, so we had to pull over and dump out his kayak

and we had to pull over again! ( Tyson flipped like 3 or 4 times!, it was funny!)

don't ask! I'm not sure what is going on here!!!!

hanging on for dear life! :D

....... uhhh!????

Tyson trying to surf in his kayak! he didn't stay up very long! :D

After we finished our trip we all decided to go get pizza at savage land! Tyson found his dream boat there!!!! hahahaa he can barely fit in it!!!!!

Jul 14, 2010


Tyson Loves to invest in real estate! I bought our first foreclosure house at an auction last June. It was scary! but a lot of fun once you figure out how it works!So over the last year we have been fixing this house.... We decided to move into it and turn our duplex into a rental! Which has been great! but once we moved in we got kinda lazy with fixing up the new house! I can now say that we are almost done! ( it only took us a year, but hey we did it!!! haha ) Just finishing up the exterior paint and some yard work/ fence. This will be the last time we buy a house that is over a hundred years old!!! TOO MUCH WORK!! ( its a 1906 ) We are recently looking at buying a nicer/newer house to flip and then we can buy a newer house that we can stay put for a few years!!! all the picture below are be fore and afters!

now its a pretty green color! and no more BLUE porch!

this is the new bathroom

new kitchen!! so much better!

we stained the hard wood a dark chocolate cherry color

the gross bathroom!!

Tyson Ripped up the commercial carpet that was GLUED to the original hard wood floors!!!!

the nasty kitchen!!!

this is the blood room!!! :) it was gross! the black paint would rub right off when you touched it!

I love the giant Picture of Marilyn in the window!!